Monday, February 27, 2012

Peanut Shell Machine

Peanut is not only a kind of plant that contains great nutritional value, it is also an important economic crop. Large quantities of peanuts are used for exporting and food processing throughout the world, this has made the development of the peanut shelling machine very important. Being as one of the pioneers, AGICO produces peanut processing machines, and they have many exporters. Now we are going to see how the peanut shell machine works. The raw material will fall into wide veins bar firstly after worker put raw material into dehuller, the shell will be breaked by the rubbing from running veins bat and fixed bar concave bat, second, the peanut kernel and shell will fall into bar net, then into the air flue, the shell will be cleaned out of the machine, the peanut kernel and a some small size peanut with shell will fall into the specific gravity selecting sieve, through filtrating, the peanut kernels will be sent out from exit, the small size peanut with shell will be put into conveyer, then be sent into thin veins bar for second shelling, finally, the peanut all will be sheeled. This peanut machine is well designed so it can maintain the integrity of the peanut kernels.

With the exception of a few is used as fuel and roughage, most of them are thrown away without getting reasonable use. In fact the peanut shell is of much use, in recent years, domestic and overseas many scientific researchers have been doing researches on comprehensive development and utilization of peanut shells, and have obtained great progress and acquired a certain economic benefits. Below we are talking about the application of peanut shells.Peanut shells can be used as fertilizer. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, Zn, Mg, Fe and other element, can be used as the fertilizer for growth of a plant, but because peanut shells decay slowly and difficult to be used by plant directly, people in the vast rural regions treat it as waste and throw away.But if break it to pieces and stir in some chemical additives such as urea or cow muck, then heap a pile to retting fermentation decomposition, by the action of bacteria, decompose for 5-7 days and we can get high quality organic fertilizer, and its effectiveness is better than fertilizer that made of bagasse and straw.In addition, we also can smash peanut shell and damage its fiber with chemical method, then soak the peanut shell flakes in liquid that mixed with ammonia, phosphorus, potassium inorganic fertilizer and rich organic production waste liquid; soak the flakes in liquid contains a lot of lignin extracted from peanut shells after dried. Finally a wrap will formed outside peanut shell flakes after drying, and then we obtain the long-term slow-release fertilizer. Peanut shells can be used as training base of edible fungi such as mushrooms, straw mushrooms, shitake and so on.

Peanut shell machine and peanut shell are both useful, if you want to know more details, just contact AGICO.

Monday, February 20, 2012

How does Flour Processing Plant Running

Flour can very well be one of the most essential commodities on the market. It is imported and exported in diverse countries across the globe and is used in a variety of applications exceeding the culinary world. Flour is additionally continuously in demand and contains excellent value within the general market. It is namely that, entrepreneurs and businessmen who're planning to invest and set up a new franchise can consider a flour processing plant as being a great opportunity and a potentially profitable business scheme. 

If you are planning to set up a basic flour processing plant, you can mill flour that comes directly to you. Manual and automated grain mills for utilization in the kitchen area, which can also be used for milling flour, is available on the market at the commercial friendly price which range from $100 to $700 for example the shipping fee. There are two factors that have effect on the raw material applied for the mill, the noise level during operation as well as their adjustability. Equipment forged from stainless steel is the ideal type of machinery you should opt for this kind of plantation as it is able to run with low noise levels, lower heat generation and less the dust and dirt dispelled in the air. These equipments can also be modified for fine or coarser output which may greatly affect the price. Metal and plastic designed equipment will be more ideal than wood. The recommended rate for milling flour is 40 pounds of good milled flour hourly.

However, if you intend on producing industrial grade flour, you will have to include wheat cleaning and conditioning prior to the actual milling operations. Wheat cleaning generally involves grading of wheat in accordance to specific attributes and mixing some grades to obtain the desired milled flour. There are several types or classifications of wheat, which is divided according to their protein content. This consists of soft, medium hard and hard wheat. The kind of or category of wheat will determine where the ingredient will be best combined with, for example pasta, biscuits or bread. On the other hand, the whole process of wheat cleaning involves adding a regular amount of water and enabling the prepared wheat by sitting for a number of hours. Then, the actual flour milling machine process will start to generate flour, wheat germ and bran. The generated wheat should be packed and usually stored for some time so as to age before it will be shipped and delivered to various establishments, including manufacturers of biscuits, pasta, crackers along with other companies that produce and sell baked items. Other companies you can supply are the ones that use wheat germ and bran to produce breakfast cereals or feeds for animals. If you decide to set up a commercial-scaled franchise or commercial facility, don't be surprised to deal mostly with wheat breeders, traders, suppliers and even end users of flour who are interested in wholesale supplies to keep the cost cheaper. Advanced level milling processes will require more intricate inspections and equipment to be used, including magnetic separator, aspirator and scourer.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Compressed Leaves and Wood Pellet Mill is Now Available

KMEC is a professional company that can offer free service to you while selling the pellet mill machine. This company can provide you compressed leaves and wood pellet mill machine. The company that produces the pellet mills has a good reputation in the industry. It is known to offer of superior machines. The mills that it produces are among the best in the industry. With all the clear-cut pros, it is no wonder the company is popular in the market. 

Referring to the pellet mill machines, they do no harm for our environment. The pellet burn efficiently and cleanly. There are many advantages to have from the pellets. The Compressed Leaves and Wood Pellet Machine that the company produces can help you make your own pellets. The reliance that you have on fossil fuels is hurting the environment. Now it is time to fix this problem and find an alternative way.. The use of the mills is one way of doing this. As we can see, the price of fossil fuel is keeping rising. This is because they have started to become scarce. To be certain that you have heat in the house use the pellets. They are kind of renewable energy and cost-effective too. 

One of the most important thing is to buy the right compressed leaves and wood pellet machine. The KMEC Company can help you in this regards. The good thing about the company is the services that they offer. With the help of KMEC, everyone can find the right pellet mill depending on their specific situation. In addition, you may get information and facts. This info is really helpful. It will set you on the right path. The others thing you will get is loyal customer service.

There is no question about the Compressed Leaves and Wood Pellet Mill that the company cannot answer. This will make you feel comfortable. You will be getting top quality machine for your money. If you see the price of the fuel is going up, you should use the pellets. They are cheap to produce and can cut the cost of the fuels that you use at home. They can then become a source of income. Use the services of the KMEC Company to get best pellet machine on the market.

While buying the high quality machine you can enjoy great service at the same time. The company can really help in the installation of the mill. If you are commercial seller of the pellets the company can help put in the machine assembly. This will ensure that all the parts are operating perfectly.

The company has all the certificates and documents to make it legitimate. When you are dealing with the company, you can take it easy. Additionally, you will get customer satisfaction services that will put other companies to shame. All this is at a fair price. The company has a lot of different mills. This will confirm that you get what you are interested in. There is no machine that you will want that they do not have.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wheat Milling Machinery

Flour milling machine is consisted of motive power, feeding, grinding and separation system components. There is a cylindrical fitting face the bottom of the grinding head of inside and outside, two centripetal ball bearing above the grinding head are as the two main bearing point, rotating cylinder which at the bottom of inside and outside grinding head are as auxiliary supporting points, and adjust internal and external grinding head clearance by inside grinding head of the axial move. Flour and gluten can be separated by adjustment of the brush of clearance and bottom since grinding food falls directly from grinding head through clearance of deck support to bottom. The structure is simple, processing and installation technology is good, volume is small, noise is low, convenient operation, is not easy to produce a torque or bond flour.

There are many manufacturers provide flour milling machines, but if you are considering of buying a flour milling machine of good quality, you must take many things into account. First, gain a clear idea of what kind of flour milling machine you need, this is because there are several different kind of milling machines. According to the materials, KMEC in Henan, Anyang is in supplying of cassava milling machine, pepper milling machine, rice milling machine, corn milling machine and wheat milling machine. The second question is you are in need of complete set flour mill or just a milling machine. If you are going to build a flour milling factory, it is recommended that choose complete set flour mill, and it is available if you just want to buy a single flour milling machine. And you are building a mill factory, it will be easy to decide which machine to buy when you have a plan of the daily output. KMEC can provide 80-500T flour mill project, 30t-150T four mill plant and 10t-50T flour mill plant. If you want to buy small flour grinding machine for home use, it is available in KMEC, the small flour grinding machine may single use, also may sue with the other equipment necessarily, does not need to construct the workshop, does not need to lay the foundations, easy to install and operate, the operation is steady.

Flour milling machine is of non-casting material organism, uses the entire steel plate welding, in addition to the special cutting function, inside the machine it is equipped with the grading device synchronously, material is collected by the grading device the under air current function after the smashing, the grading device usually substitutes screen of breaking plant, can simultaneously complete the micro smashing and the fine powder separates two working processes, rate of finished products is 100%. The flour mill machine may momentarily adjust the product degree of fineness, degree of fineness is even, does not need to accompany with sifting machine screening. Flour grinding vulnerable uses the special anti-friction material or the hard alloy manufacture completely, the resisting performance is good, the replacement of vulnerable parts costs low, conforms to standard of all product sanitation.

Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Choose Peanut Butter Making Machine

Peanut butter is a food paste made primarily from ground dry roasted peanuts, popular in most countries and areas in the world. Peanut butter is one of the necessary ingredients to make sandwich or spread evenly on bread. To some extent, peanut butter machine determines the quality of peanut butter. The prices of peanut butter are determined by the peanut butter machine grades. Shelling, cleaning, sieving and roasting are pre-processes to get peanut butter. Also peeling and blanching to have the end product. Peanut butter making machines are used for production.

The peanut butter processing takes different steps. The peanut is cleaned using different machine as is for shelling the peanuts. The best model for dehulling is 6BH series. It’s marketable because it is available in small portable size. It can also hull a lot of peanuts at a go. Its price cannot be compared to other models since it’s cheap. Power saving is also one of its big advantages. There are also nuts sheller machines in this company. The best manufacturing company has an automated machine that shells nuts continuously. Peanut butter machine is the last step to make the end product. 

Depending on the amount of peanut butter being produced the machinery also varies. Producing high quality peanut butter with convenient machine is goal of peanut machine for sale in bulk. The end machines are instructed to produce different types of peanut butter which is also priced differently. This ranges from smooth to the crunchy peanut butter. During the peanut butter manufacturing process, these peanut butter machines make low noise. If I were the customer, I prefer this peanut butter maker than those produce a lot of noise.
Compared with other machine, there machines won't cost you much in maintaining. Normally a manual comes with the machine that incase of these small defaults, the internal engineer can try and solve the problem before involving the manufactures. This can save time and production can continue as soon as the problem is solved. The other advantage is that the production speed is high therefore profits can be reached at very high margins within a very short time. Operation manuals are also easy to read this makes it easier to operate the peanut butter making machine.

Finding the best peanut butter machine has been made easy for you since you can now visit different websites and compare. It is cost effective and time saving, because you do not have to visit the manufacturing company one by one. This will save you lot if you come from far areas of the world. Once you have compared the prices to what the machine is capable of doing, there are those companies that give trial periods for those users within reach. Payments can be made using provided payment methods. Shipping costs are different and differ with the location of the client. It is easier for people have access to peanut butter making machine who want make peanut butter at home.