Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wheat Milling Machinery

Flour milling machine is consisted of motive power, feeding, grinding and separation system components. There is a cylindrical fitting face the bottom of the grinding head of inside and outside, two centripetal ball bearing above the grinding head are as the two main bearing point, rotating cylinder which at the bottom of inside and outside grinding head are as auxiliary supporting points, and adjust internal and external grinding head clearance by inside grinding head of the axial move. Flour and gluten can be separated by adjustment of the brush of clearance and bottom since grinding food falls directly from grinding head through clearance of deck support to bottom. The structure is simple, processing and installation technology is good, volume is small, noise is low, convenient operation, is not easy to produce a torque or bond flour.

There are many manufacturers provide flour milling machines, but if you are considering of buying a flour milling machine of good quality, you must take many things into account. First, gain a clear idea of what kind of flour milling machine you need, this is because there are several different kind of milling machines. According to the materials, KMEC in Henan, Anyang is in supplying of cassava milling machine, pepper milling machine, rice milling machine, corn milling machine and wheat milling machine. The second question is you are in need of complete set flour mill or just a milling machine. If you are going to build a flour milling factory, it is recommended that choose complete set flour mill, and it is available if you just want to buy a single flour milling machine. And you are building a mill factory, it will be easy to decide which machine to buy when you have a plan of the daily output. KMEC can provide 80-500T flour mill project, 30t-150T four mill plant and 10t-50T flour mill plant. If you want to buy small flour grinding machine for home use, it is available in KMEC, the small flour grinding machine may single use, also may sue with the other equipment necessarily, does not need to construct the workshop, does not need to lay the foundations, easy to install and operate, the operation is steady.

Flour milling machine is of non-casting material organism, uses the entire steel plate welding, in addition to the special cutting function, inside the machine it is equipped with the grading device synchronously, material is collected by the grading device the under air current function after the smashing, the grading device usually substitutes screen of breaking plant, can simultaneously complete the micro smashing and the fine powder separates two working processes, rate of finished products is 100%. The flour mill machine may momentarily adjust the product degree of fineness, degree of fineness is even, does not need to accompany with sifting machine screening. Flour grinding vulnerable uses the special anti-friction material or the hard alloy manufacture completely, the resisting performance is good, the replacement of vulnerable parts costs low, conforms to standard of all product sanitation.

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