Saturday, March 31, 2012

Organic Dried Apple

We can have apple all the time for the sake of online dried apple. The good thing with dried fruit is that you can much it just as it is - dry and yummy or you can use it to make some great recipes. However, you decide to use your packed apple, you will enjoy it very much. The dried apple is just as same as fresh apple in the nutrient and flavor. Its nutrient is completely kept inside. It will be nutritious and delicious when you open it. This is one of the handiest foods to have at home and it is great for emergency preparedness.

You can buy dried apple on wholesale or retail online or at local. When you find it yummy and want to buy on wholesale, you can buy in online market for reasonable price and wide variety. Many food processors in the world pack dried fruits. ISO certified brand and renowned for hygiene and the ability to pack processed foods and fruits to international standards will be good option. You should also find out whether your dried fruit has any refined sugars because such may not be good for weight. In most cases though, dried fruit is just that; dry fruit with no additives. However, it never hurts to make sure.

Things are cheaper in the online market. Buying in the internet will save your time and money. Big departmental stores does not mean the goods are superior, additives like refined sugars that may cause side effects perhaps are added in the packed fruit. If you buy on the internet, you will enjoy more variety and you can be sure that since the internet sellers target people from all parts of the world. The dried apple that you buy there will meet international standards.

Dried fruits are edible for all the people. The nutrients of the dried fruit are the same as what you get in the fresh fruit and they can be kept. You ca enjoy the aroma of apple for all the year free form the limits of season and region. So do you want seasoned or plain apples? If you go for seasoned, then you will give your taste buds a run for their money. If you go for plain apples, you will still enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Dried fruits come and go, but the dried apples remain true to the adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, yes, even the dried apple. It is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You can always take the plain dried apples for a snack instead of the usual sugar packed doughnut if you want to lose weight.

Next article will talk about turkish apricots nutrition.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is Pellet Press with Diesel Engine

The pellet press with diesel engine is prime choice for you if you want to reduce your cost on the energy consumption charge. This kind of machine excels at the the facts that it can be utilised in many spots especially in the distant area where electricity is deficient. In general, diesel is often applied to the small flat die pellet mill and its application is very extensive. It is especially a good news for people who want to conduct their pellet production in the outside. As more and more people are keen on using pellet mill to generate heat to their home, so the need for the pellet machine with diesel power is also increasing.

Early in the 1900s, the flat die technology has been made for mainly producing animal feed and now it is also implemented in the pellet press with diesel engine to guarantee its superb function. This kind of machine is mainly applicable for small-scale production for pellet fuel. So it should be awared clearly that it should not be used for productions that is higher than its full capacity. It can maintain a long service life if you are employing it in the right approach.

Then what is its capacity exactly? You could possibly ask. Here we can give you an answer. The capcity for this kind of press can be ranging from 50kg/h to 200kg/h. This machine is a second to none choice for youany time you are making pellet fuel for your own purpose or selling them as products. There are two kinds of diesel pellet mill based on the vertical design, one is with a statonary roller, and the other is with a rotating roller. The whole operation is quite simple: the raw material is first feeded into the hopper and then the roller will act with the die to press them into the shape of pellets. There are a cutting blade outside the die to cut the pellets into certain length.

Owing to its mobility, diesel pellet press can be stated to be one of the machines that is an easy task to operate and repair. In addition, it is quite safe for there are no cabling which will cause danger to the childen or pets around. With a workhorse of 7 to 8 HP, a diesel engine can undertake a large production work on a daily basis. As more and more people realize the gains and significance of biomass fuel, it is attainable for you to attain a substantial amount related information of pellet press with diesel engine from the internet. You will be convinced that it is a kind of strong and safe machine. But to ensure the greatest capacity, one should always operate the machine in accordance with the right methods or guidelines from the manufacturer.
The diesel engine pellet machine is able to compress a wide range of raw material into good quality pellets For example, they can deal with the common biomass materials which includes grass, rice husks, stalks, wheat straw and so on. And one important fact that you should not ignore that the moisture content in the raw material should be retained at a amount of about 15%.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pellet Mill for Home Use

You can buy the pellet mill for home use if you have access to the necessary raw materials for pellet fuel production, then you can make an income right from home. Buying a pellet mill may cost you a little bit of money but compared with reducing your energy bills expenses by almost 70%, it is only a small expense. What's more, you also protect the environment by saving energy. People consider pellet fuel as one of the low carbon green fuels that almost have negligible carbon emission. Pellet fuel is made by pellet mill, the brand name of pellet mill you bought decides the profit that you can get from the mill you bought.

Nowadays in the market, pellet mill of GEMCO for home use may be the best, or one of the best pellet mills. You just wait for benefits that you will not find easily in other brand names whether the small or large mills if you buy pellet mill of this brand name. They include:

  • Cushy maintenance

  • User friendly

  • Very safe and secure

  • Easy to install

  • Parts are replaceable and easy to change

  • Reasonable price and many other benefits
The price of the mill is reasonable, and the performance is riliable, you can use it for your whole life. The replacement parts are very affordable and if the user reviews are anything to go by; this must be a very popular mill everywhere in the world. Before you buy a pellet mill, you'd better get enough information about your target and this make a trusted and popular brand name a better choice. You have to take many details into account more than you would consider for the bigger commercial mills when you are looking for a pellet mill for home use. The ease of use is very necessary because you are going to operate this mill on your own without help. GEMCO customer support staff will always be there to answer your call and email and they can give you all the technical assistance that you need in time. In addition, no GEMCO product, no matter how small will be sold without a detailed user manual.

You can produce pellet fuel for use at home and for sale to the neighbors by GEMCO milling machine for home, you can even sell them on line. This is a moneymaker by all standards and therefore you will make a good amount of money if you buy it today. Remember that the quality of wood pellet is not only decided by the pellet mill machine, it also depends on many other factors such as your raw materials. Luckily, you can trust the pellet press machine to give you just the right product if you feed it the raw materials in the right condition. Remember to check the dies regularly because the flat dies are apt to wear out irregularly and if you do not replace them, you will not get high quality pellets from the pellet mill for home use.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sieving Machine for Peanut Kernels

Peanuts can be processed into many kinds of delicious food, also can squeezed to produce the essential cooking oil for people. You may not know that peanut sieving machine is an indispensable mechanical in peanuts processing. The peanut kernels will be better for the next processing procedure, peanut after sieving also helps for peanut processing machinery maintenance. Peanut screenig machine is with compact structure, reliable operation, can save time and strength by using the whole screening convenient operation, in order to meet up customer classification standard only after a screening, peanut kernels can be divided into four to five classes. Charging spout, first hoisting machine, removing stone machine, blower fan, second hoisting machine, receiving device make up peanut grader machine, it is an assembly line that used to remove the stones from the peanut kernels. it produces peanuts meet the imported peanut products inspection standard by compact structure, easy installation, low noise, energy saving and clear classification. According to materials of different particle size, peanut kernel screening machine achieves screening, filter, classification, the whole grain effect. Feed peanut kernels into hopper quantitative continuously and evenly whrn normal working, peanut shells is broken in the rotor strike repeatedly against, friction, collision. Peanut kernels and broken peanut shells through the aperture screen under the rotor rotating wind pressure and blow, first with the big hole screen, after the screening the small fruit change the small holes on the second screen shell, at this time, peanut shells and the grain under the force of rotary fan blowing, peanut shells of light weight are blown out the machine, peanut kernels through the shaking sieve to clear the purpose of screening.

Place the peanut sieving machine for peanut kernels on level ground, check whether the fastener is tighten, and rotating parts is flexible or not, each bearing must within lubricating oil before using. Before using, check the power supply, the switching must be in a disconnected position. When motor is started, the direction of the rotor and machine should be consisted. Before evenly feeding peanuts, idling for a few minutes to observe whether there is abnormal noise to ensure it functions normally. Before open the discharging mouth, feed peanuts blanched, evenly, with right amount until peanuts cover the sieve. Moisture content of peanuts should be proper, broken rate is high if too dry, the work efficiency will be influenced if too wet. According to peanuts size to chose appropriate screen. If peanut shells accumulate, we can move down the motor, so as to tighten fan belt, increase blow air volume. After a period of using when trying to deposit machine, we should eliminate the dust clean the dirt and internal residual grain waits sundry. The peanut sieving machine should be placed in dry storeroom, avoid weathered and keep the belt separately. Use diesel to clean each bearing, buttered them after dry, should keep the transmission parts and bearing chamber with plenty of lubricating oil and clean and change them regularly.

Next article will introduce groundnut machine .

Monday, March 12, 2012

Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction is a process of extracting oil material by solvent oil. It is a kind of separation process that uses liquid extraction solvent to process and not the azeotropic distillation of the two components or more components solution, is a widely used unit operation that realize the separation of the components mass transfer. There are two ways of extraction using a similar dissolve as principle: The liquid-liquid extraction is to separate some components from a mixture with a selected liquid solvent, the solvent must be undissolved to the mixture and has selective dissolving ability, and must have a good thermal stability and chemical stability, and has the toxicity and corrosive. Just like using benzene to separate phenol from coal tar, or using organic solvent to separate olefin from petroleum distillate, or using the CCl4 to extract Br2 with water. The solid-liquid extraction is also called as leaching, it uses solvent to separate components of solid mixture such as using water leaching to get sugars from sugar beet; using alcohol to leach soybean oil so as to improve the soybean oil production and using water to get effective ingredients from Chinese medicine to produce ointment is called as "infiltration drain" or "dip drain" are also classic examples.

Solvent extraction plant is machinery that squeeze oil directly from oil seeds which contains oil below 20%, such as soybean. Solvent extraction also extracts oil to squeeze out or complete press block seed contains more than 20% of the essential oils such as sunflower, peanut, cotton seed, palm oil, rapeseed oil, copra, castor and all kinds of other materials. The design purpose of the solvent extraction is to squeeze most of the oil mill plant that contained in seeds. In preparation for the good seeds extraction, or as usually occurs in the case of high oil content seeds, cake income grease. Additional level grid board to prevent miscella into back to the grid board data cells to ensure the best extraction effect; the damp meal is sewage discharge material discharger continuous wet in the wet meal conveyor. This avoids the meal cohesion, our meal and extend wet platoon is wet meal work life conveyor. Pre-by extraction, extraction and drainage part made up this unit. A material turnover is in the process to make sure the extraction is done completely. Special self-cell solvent spraying makes effect to ensure optimal in extracting process. This solvent extraction plant has five necessary procedures when extracting oil. The first is to prepare the high oil content seeds for oil extraction. Second is using the aid of a food grade solvent to extract oil from prepared material. Desolventising-toasting seed de-oiled/meal, often combined with dry and the cooling of the said meal. The next is distillation, through this procedure, the solvent will be removed from the extracted oil. And the last procedure is recovery of solvent, it is to repeat the procedures again and again at the extraction level. This solvent extraction is of simple structure, stable product performance, it has many advantages.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wood Pellet Mill

You intend to use raw materials in order to get the wood particle if you are trying to make wood pellet. There are many kinds of raw materials and the most common one of the most effective materials which is being used today is the sawdust. Pellets are finally held together with lignin, this is naturally present in wood. In addition to those from wood, there is absolutely no need to use glue and other materials in the process of making wood pellet. The ratio of lignin content in wood is now than in 1 to 4 to 1 to 3. Except strengthen wood, it also comes with waterproof performance, all these characteristics make it kind of effective fuel. Generally the end result of wood pellet production process is wood particles. Since the water content decides the quality of the wood pellet directly, it has very low moisture at the 10% or so, which is just proper. It is the basic guarantee of this fact is a very good particles from will not have much energy source, it is useful to evaporation of water. We can meke wood pellets by special created machinery or by the machine called cattle feed machine. And of course the wood pellet machine can provide more quality wood pellets much faster. Wood can make pellets so easy and can be so complicated. The pellet making process can be divided into preparation process, production process and cooling and bagging process three basic parts. Here we will give you a specific instruction of steps, it includes ten steps: size reduction, material transportation, drying, mixing, adjusting, pellet production, screening, cooling, particle transport, bagging and storage.

 When you are making wood particles you can also use wood instead of sawdust, but you have to use a hammer mill in order to reduce the size of the raw materials that is going to be used. The rotor rotates in broken cavity at high speed drived by motor, and the materials get into machines from the upper feeding mouth and blown, impacted, sheared, grinded and shattered by the high-speed moving hammer, this is working principle of hammer mill. On the bottom of rotor there is a screen panel, crushing material greater than the size of the screen hole will resistance in the sieve continue to be a hammer blow and grinding, finally the sieve out a cake layer; less than the size of the screen hole will get through the sieve and discharged. The results will be thrown into the use of pellet making machine and pressure on to compression in everything you put in. Then material put into hole is the same as making meat paste. This process cannot be done without heat, and lignin will melt helping bind dust together and keeping the shape that is used. Pellets come out of the mill, temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius. When they calm down, they will become hard.