Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is Pellet Press with Diesel Engine

The pellet press with diesel engine is prime choice for you if you want to reduce your cost on the energy consumption charge. This kind of machine excels at the the facts that it can be utilised in many spots especially in the distant area where electricity is deficient. In general, diesel is often applied to the small flat die pellet mill and its application is very extensive. It is especially a good news for people who want to conduct their pellet production in the outside. As more and more people are keen on using pellet mill to generate heat to their home, so the need for the pellet machine with diesel power is also increasing.

Early in the 1900s, the flat die technology has been made for mainly producing animal feed and now it is also implemented in the pellet press with diesel engine to guarantee its superb function. This kind of machine is mainly applicable for small-scale production for pellet fuel. So it should be awared clearly that it should not be used for productions that is higher than its full capacity. It can maintain a long service life if you are employing it in the right approach.

Then what is its capacity exactly? You could possibly ask. Here we can give you an answer. The capcity for this kind of press can be ranging from 50kg/h to 200kg/h. This machine is a second to none choice for youany time you are making pellet fuel for your own purpose or selling them as products. There are two kinds of diesel pellet mill based on the vertical design, one is with a statonary roller, and the other is with a rotating roller. The whole operation is quite simple: the raw material is first feeded into the hopper and then the roller will act with the die to press them into the shape of pellets. There are a cutting blade outside the die to cut the pellets into certain length.

Owing to its mobility, diesel pellet press can be stated to be one of the machines that is an easy task to operate and repair. In addition, it is quite safe for there are no cabling which will cause danger to the childen or pets around. With a workhorse of 7 to 8 HP, a diesel engine can undertake a large production work on a daily basis. As more and more people realize the gains and significance of biomass fuel, it is attainable for you to attain a substantial amount related information of pellet press with diesel engine from the internet. You will be convinced that it is a kind of strong and safe machine. But to ensure the greatest capacity, one should always operate the machine in accordance with the right methods or guidelines from the manufacturer.
The diesel engine pellet machine is able to compress a wide range of raw material into good quality pellets For example, they can deal with the common biomass materials which includes grass, rice husks, stalks, wheat straw and so on. And one important fact that you should not ignore that the moisture content in the raw material should be retained at a amount of about 15%.

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