Sunday, May 27, 2012

Useful Information of Low Carbon Steel

Reduced carbon steel can also be known as mild steel simply because of its reduced power, hardness, carbon content of this type of steel ranges from 0.10% to 0.30%. Processing methods like forging, welding and cutting can all utilized on low carbon steel and this type of steel is generally utilized for manufacturing chain, rivets, bolts, shaft and so forth. Its carbon content is under carbon steel whose carbon content material is 0.25%. This kind of steel consists of most of ordinary carbon structural steel and part of high quality carbon steels, mostly without heat therapy utilized in engineering structure, some by carburizing and other warmth therapy used for the wear-resisting of mechanical parts.

Annealing organization of low carbon steel consists of ferrite along with a little quantity of pearlite, it has reduced power and hardness, plasticity and toughness is much better. As a result of good cold forming efficiency, it could use edge, bending, stamping and so on forming methods for cold forming. This steel has great weldability. But as the low carbon content material and low hardness, low carbon steel cutability isn't satisfying, normalizing treatment can improve the cutability so as to widen the use.

Low carbon steel is generally rolling into angle steel, channel steel, joist steel, steel pipe, steel belt, or steel plate, can be utilized for manufacturing all sorts of construction component, containers, physique, furnace and agricultural implements and so on. People always utilize top quality low carbon steel to roll thin plate, and used to make deep blunt goods just like the car engine cover, cab and this kind of like. Additionally, it rolled into bar, utilized to create mechanical components that demands not higher power. Commonly, heat treatment prior to using isn't necessary for reduced carbon steel, reduced carbon steel of 0.15% or much more carbon content via the carburizing or offer with cyanide, utilized for spare components like high temperature resistance, good surface axis, bushings, sprocket and so on.

Because of lower strength, the usage of reduced carbon steel is limited. Suitable increasing manganese content, and add trace vanadium, titanium, niobium alloy component in carbon can greatly enhance the power of reduced carbon steel. If reduce carbon content within the steel and add a little aluminum, a little amount boron and carbide form elements, then we can get ultra-low carbon bainite group which power is very higher, and the plasticity and toughness is good. In this case, the performance of low carbon will be enhanced and the application will be broad.

Simply because of the inherent traits of unique low carbon steel, the application array is greatly restricted, with some new technology in domestic steel industry, the application of a lot of the emerging utilizes low carbon steel have been very nicely created and utilized, some domestic large steel mills or steel trading company had been energetic closely cooperate with one another and typical development a series of high technologies high precision top quality goods, perform a good function of promoting technologies within the international and domestic industry, many in the industry are obtaining the higher evaluation. It also provides us the complete utilization of low carbon steel, indicated the new road.

Next article will introduce the Manufacturer of ASTM A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes.

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