Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Learn How Wood Pellets Are Made

As more people would like to start little company and they ask for quality small scale pellet mills. If you're curious about how wood pellets are made or are thinking about making them by your self this short article will give you a short introduction.

Pellets can be produced from numerous biomass supplies. Pellets had been produced for animal feed from supplies like grain and alfalfa long before manufacturers started creating pellets from wood for heating fuel. The process for making pellets from just about any organic material is basically exactly the same as it is for pelleting wood.

A pellet is merely a compressed type of the original material. The pellets are formed through a metal die. It gets compressed when obtaining via the holes in the die. This also generates heat that will melt binding agents in the material. The binders cool down when the pellets get out of the die holes and hold the material together just like the effect of glue.

There is a roller in the mill to push the material in to the die holes with particular pressure. Some materials will need more conditioning than others before becoming made into a pellet. Like the particle size which must fit the die hole. And also the water moisture of the material can also be required according to the nature of the material. A binding agent might need to be added but some supplies have sufficient all-natural binding agents in them.

Learn in much more detail how the wood pellet making process works and how you can make them your self.

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